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Our philosophy


आनन्द (Ānanda) {Hapiness} +

शान्ति (Shanti) {Peace}

ĀNANTI brand name is the combination of Nepalese Ānanda (joy/hapiness) and Shanti (peace).

Inspired from Asia and Middle-East, the essence of the brand is coming from Nepal, which buddist principles shine around the world for peace and compassion…

Hotels & developments

Upcoming Developments

Ānanti Hotels, Resorts & Residences is the first member of the Leading Hotels of the World in Montenegro.
In addition to this spectacular project,  we are currently working on several new developments in Europe & abroad.


• Copenhagen, Denmark
• South Andalucia, Spain
• Geneva Lake, Switzerland


If you are an investor or a developer with interest into the brand, please contact us by filling the form below.

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