Accomodation cover


Conceived specially for the Ānanti brand, the unparalleled design features are evocative of Mediterranean life with subtle Asian details.

The stunning interiors of each residence combine contemporary Asian & Middle Eastern style with classic Mediterranean flavour, to create a symphony between the surrounding landscape and sense of calm and wellness reflected by the Ānanti brand philosophy.

The sustainable design uses exclusively natural materials, with a blend of wood and stone detail, while a refreshing colour palette introduces shades of natural beige, vibrant coral, light blue and olive green, reminiscent of the outdoor landscape.

Each residence is conceived to have a modern and sophisticated layout, with panoramic glazing and comforting features to create a calming ambiance, perfect for rest, relaxation, and respite from the midsummer. Large terraces and expansive doors provide an abundance of natural lighting for a clean and light contemporary finish, while spectacular sea views round-off the encounter with ultimate luxury.