Panorama Lounge Restaurant & Bar


A must-visit place that invites you to rejoice, relax and take in the vivid seaside colors around you, offering uncommon spectacular sea view on open sea, Budva Bay and St. Nicolas Island.

Perfectly nestled in its natural setting of the Budva Riviera and the Adriatic Sea, in the heart of the Montenegro Bay, contemporary Lounge Restaurant & Bar Panorama offers an uncommon spectacular sea views, comfortable summer setting to enjoy Mediterranean climate and a menu that evolves with the seasons, from healthy plates to heavenly curated sweets.

Panorama brings together tradition and modernity, excellence in every dish, glorifying the authentic tastes of the Mediterranean.

Located in a stunning seafront oasis, Panorama offers a wide variety of delicious beverages that are sure to satisfy your thirst on a hot summer days. From fruity cocktails to icy mocktails, there is something for everyone to enjoy, while chilling on two level terrace, with the superb sea view on Budva Bay.

Easily accessible for hotel guests, same as occasional visitors, Panorama remains an iconic place to visit while visiting Budva.

Welcome to Panorama, authentic place that delivers style, diversity, individuality and great value to each guest and visitor, featuring the latest culinary trends and most spectacular sea view on Budva Riviera.

Drobnici bb Rezevici,

85310 Budva,


Opening hours
From Monday to Sunday
From 09:00 h to 22:00 h

Last Order: 21:30 h

* Panorama Lounge Restaurant and Bar is not working from October until May

Dining Reservations: + 382 33 688 988 or 382 68 053 990