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Interior design & photos

The stunning interiors combine the contemporary Asian & Middle Eastern style with the classic Mediterranean style as a tribute to the natural surroundings that the residents will enjoy as neighbors.

The interior design is exclusively using natural materials, in a blend of stone and wood while subtly diluting several themes inspired by the untouched nature within the resort. the dominant color palette will offer various shades of natural beige while introducing a touch of coral, light blue and olive green.

All villas and residences have sophisticated layouts, panoramic glazing and materials that create a unique atmosphere of rest, relaxation and plenitude. Plenty of natural light, large terraces and spectacular views all contribute to the ultimate luxury each residence will provide.

Conceived for Ānanti brand, the resort delivers a new level of Montenegro living and unparalleled design.

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Master plan

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For more information on the resort implementation and full specifications, please visit our Master plan section by clicking on the link below.

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